Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Screen Recorders 09/02/16

Check out some of these new screen recorder options.....as well as some "oldies but goodies".

Handouts and Tutorials 

  • Brief Overview - click here
  • Jing Tutorial Video - click here

Here are some easy-to-use, free screen recorder tools:

  • ActivInspire Screen Recorder

Schoology - Lockdown Browser 09/02/16

Good News! 

PISD has purchased the LockDown Browser in Schoology. 
  • When students use LockDown Browser to access a test or quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. 
  • Students are locked into the test until it is submitted for grading.

Instructions for using this feature - click here.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Think Central ELAR Resources Gone? 09/02/16

Can't log into the Think Central ELAR resources anymore?  What's up?

From: Traci Powell
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 8:06 AM
Subject: RE: Think Central ELA Resources

We thought we would only have to go one year without a resource, but TEA [Texas Education Agency] has now pushed the new adoption back another year.  So, it will be two years.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Istation Question of the Week - Campus Managers 08/26/16

Istation Campus Managers

Who are our campus managers?
Usually, your ELAR Peer Facilitator is a campus manager.  If you ask the PF and they aren't sure, have your PF contact Emily Bourgeois.  I can identify the current campus manager(s) and/or add a manager.

What benefits are available for campus managers?
They can do the following:

  • View all teachers and students (especially useful for accessing results/reports)
  • Print all campus reports (including individual classes and/or student reports)
  • Create teacher accounts (especially useful for Dyslexia teachers, SPED teachers, Intervention teachers, etc.)
  • Create "special" classes for teachers (especially useful for RTI, PIE time, etc.)
  • Enroll students into "special" classes
  • Peer managers can also create or remove managers

What if I need instructions or help learning about the options available to me as a manager?  
Handouts and Resources - click here
Contact any of the following people:
  • Candice Arthur - x-70880 (PK-4th)
  • Traci Powell - x-70906 (PK-4th)
  • Allison Zamarripa - x-70046 (5th-6th)
  • Emily Bourgeois - x-78102  (PK-6th)

Pearson enVision Math Update 08/26/16

Pearson Realize (K-4th enVision Math) 

Question: Do we have to upload students and teachers at the campus level?
Answer: Student and teacher accounts are automatically uploaded/updated at the district level each night.  Classes are rostered (created) for each teacher.  No one at the campus level needs to create accounts for teachers or students.

Question: What is the login for teachers?
Answer: Teachers log into this site:  http://tinyurl.com/pisdpearson
Username: PISD Network Username
Password: PISD Network Username

Question: What is the login for students?
Answer: Students log into this site:  http://tinyurl.com/pisdpearson
Username: PISD Network Username
Password: PISD Network Username

Question: How do I know what the students' PISD network usernames and passwords are? 
Answer: This question is especially common at the elementary level where students don't utilize their network usernames and passwords as much as middle schools and higher.  If you are not sure of this information, it is suggested that you contact any of the following people:

  • Campus Technology Liaison
  • Campus Technology Applications Teacher (if applicable)
  • Emily Bourgeois x-78102
  • Tom Deibel x-78101
  • Shane Tout x-78105

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Instructional Materials Subscription Codes? Where are they? 08/26/16

Need the code and/or password for BrainPOP, Discovery Education, etc?

Here's how to find it:

  • Go to this website:  http://pasadenaisd.libguides.com/wmi
  • Password: If you need the password, do one of the following:
    • Ask your librarian 
    • Look in Eduphoria Forethought
      • Click Scope and Sequence--Other--Library (electronic resources).
      • Click Electronic Resources in the middle column 
      • Click Cheat Sheets, Weapons of Mass Instruction, etc.
      • The password will appear in the content box
  • Once you are in the libguide website, do the following:
    • Click WMI by Vendor Name on the left
    • Click the vendor name tab at the top middle (i.e. – Discovery Education Streaming or BrainPOP)

Think Through Math Update 08/26/16

Regarding Think Through Math (3rd-8th) question:  Does the campus import all of our students or does the district do that?
From: Charlene Strickland
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 10:03 AM
If your [campus] is ready for the one-time upload of students and rosters into TTM, I can take care of that when you’re ready.  But after the initial upload, new student account creating and enrollment into classes is maintained at the campus level, so all changes will have to be made manually after the initial upload. 

In future months and years.....
Regarding any potential for auto-updating every night, it’s not looking good at this time.  TTM is planning on ending their partnership with Clever (the company that services auto-uploads).  TTM plans on developing their own auto-update procedure, but I don’t see that happening until at least next year.

Charlene x-70143

Need training on TTM?
Contact any of the following people:
  • Sarah Evans - x-70070
  • Marla Nickelson - x-70945
  • Janet Nuzzie - x-70043
  • Cindy Garcia - x-70053
  • Sherrie Grounds - x-78109
  • Emily Bourgeois - x-78102

Istation Update 08/26/16

PK-8th Grade

Are students auto-uploaded or do we add students manually?
  • Student accounts and rosters are uploaded every night.
  • No one should add a student manually as this will eventually result in two separate accounts for the same student.
  • If a new student is in a teacher's room, but they do not appear in your Istation class roster, here are possible reasons:
    • Attendance clerk has not completed all entries for the student in Chancery.
    • Student came from out-of-district, out-of-state, or from another country and the TSDS number has not been assigned to the student yet. (Istation requires this number from the state.)

What if they still don't appear after a "reasonable" length of time?
  • Contact Charlene Strickland at x-70143

A teacher without an Istation Account:  Can they be added into Istation as a teacher, have a class created, and have students enrolled?

Need training?
Contact any of these persons:
  • Candice Arthur - x-70880 (PK-4th)
  • Traci Powell - x-70906 (PK-4th)
  • Emily Bourgeois - x-78102  (PK-4th)
  • Allison Zamarripa - x-70046 (5th-6th)

What's New in Istation for 2016-2017?

Dreambox Math Update 08/26/16

K-2nd Grade
  • Students are auto-updated/uploaded each night.
  • Class rosters should reflect the new students you get in your class each morning.
  • Any questions about accounts can be directed to Charlene Strickland at x-70143.

3rd-4th Grade
If your campus chose to purchase Dreambox for 3rd & 4th grade, contact Charlene Strickland for upload information. (x-70143)

Need training on TTM?
Contact any of the following people:
  • Janet Nuzzie - x-70043
  • Cindy Garcia - x-70053
  • Emily Bourgeois - x-78102

What's New in DreamBox for 2016-2017?
Click here
Need training resources and handouts?

What's New in DreamBox? 08/26/16

New DreamBox Enhancements!

New Features for August 2016 - 
  • Click here to see an overview.
    • Standards Proficiency Classroom Overview Report
    • Simplified Reporting Features
    • Expanded Lesson Library
    • Assign Focus (see info below)
  • The teacher dashboard has a new look. Check out the DreamBox help page for more information.

Assign Focus - 
  • Now you can assign as many as two lessons to a student.
  • New teacher assignment controls enable real-time personalization. When you create an assignment in DreamBox the lessons are automatically tailored for every student so you don’t have to spend extra time creating custom content.
  • Have students focus on a specified concept.
  • Possible Reasons for Using This:
    • Assign a lesson that matches the concepts you are focusing on in class.
    • Provide scaffolded support ongoing growth or a challenge for your students.
  • Lessons completed in the assign focus area will not impact the student’s personalized learning path.
  • Students are notified which lessons are assigned by the teacher vs. their personalized learning path.
  • Assign Focus Handout

Learning.com Update 08/26/16

Student Accounts

  • Students are automatically uploaded/updated in Learning.com every night.
  • Class rosters are not created and/or updated, however.
  • Teachers should create their own classes or groups.  
  • Teachers enroll their students from the grade level lists that are auto-updated in Learning.com.
  • Since Learning.com does not require the TSDS number, each student should appear in the grade level list on a very timely basis.  If they do not, read the next item.

What is the student username and password?

  • Username - first initial + last initial + student ID
  • Password - pw + student ID

Student is in my room, but their account is not in Learning.com.  Why would this happen, and what do I do?

  • Especially early in the year, this student might have already transferred to a different campus. Check with your attendance clerk to see if all information in Chancery is up-to-date.
  • Maybe the student arrived that morning, and the auto-update that occurs overnight hasn't happened yet. You can wait until the next day, and the student should appear in the grade level list.
  • You can manually add the student to Learning.com, but please be consistent with the username and password pattern!! If you aren't consistent, we will end up with two of the same students in the Learning.com application. (See the student username and password info above.)
  • You can also contact one of the following people to learn more about a missing account:
    • Your campus Technology Applications Teacher
    • Charlene Strickland - x-70143
    • Emily Bourgeois - x-78102

Teacher can't log in. What can they do?
  • If they are a new teacher, their account might not be created yet.  Call or email Emily Bourgeois at x-78102.
  • Teacher can go to Learning.com to retrieve their password.
    • Go to https://login.learning.com/
    • Click Forgot Password? on the left
      • Enter your network username
      • Enter Pasadena ISD
      • Enter your PISD email address
      • Click Reset Password
    • If it doesn't recognize your email, call or email Emily Bourgeois at x-78102.
Need Training?
Contact any of the following persons:

Think Central Update 08/26/16

Were you a Think Central administrator, but now your account no longer works? 
Contact Charlene Strickland at x-70143

What happened to the K-5 Reading part of Think Central?
This subscription expired over the summer of 2016.  We no longer have these resources available in PISD.

What resources are available in Think Central?

  • Science K-4 (teacher accounts only)
  • Science - 5th-8th (teacher and student accounts)
  • Math - 5th

Teacher can't log in?

  • Teacher Usernames = PISD Email Address
    (This is different from last year!)
  • Password = teacher passwords are created by Think Central
  • Don't know your teacher password, see the next item below.

Don't know your teacher password? 
Three options:

  • Option 1:
    • Go to the Teacher Portal - portal.pasadenaisd.org
    • Log in using your PISD network username and password
    • Click IM & Libraries (at the bottom right)
    • Click Think Central tile
    • This will automatically log you into and take you to the Think Central site.  (If it doesn't, try option 2.)
  • Options 2:
  • Option 3:
    • Contact Charlene Strickland at x-70143
    • Contact Emily Bourgeois at x-78102
    • Contact Sandy Dickerson at x-78103

Student Login Information
Students at Elementary do not have Think Central accounts.
Students at Middle School have accounts in Think Central for the following subjects:

  • Math - 5th
  • Science - 5th-6th
    • Student Username - first initial + last initial + @pasadenaisd.org
    • Password - Created by Think Central (Students can log into the portal and click the Think Central tile to be automatically logged into and taken to the Think Central website.)
    • Still having Student Login problems?  
      • Contact Charlene Strickland at x-70143

Need Training?
Contact Gladys Gonzalez - x-70913

Friday, August 19, 2016

What's New in Istation? 08/19/16

Istation Has A Few New Things This Year!

Istation Desktop Application - It has a new look!

  • Books - completely revamped with a clean look and new material
  • ISIP Modeling - cute songs to introduce logging in and navigating the instruction (PK-3rd)
  • Teacher Station - all new lessons with better graphics, songs, and content
  • Assignments - not new....but if you don't know about this feature, you'll want to find out!

Websites of the Week! (WOW!) Coding 08/19/16

Code Combat - 
Thanks to Irving Peralta for sending this website.

Learning.com - 
Check out the new resources in Learning.com for Coding!

  • Click Library
  • Click Easy Tech
  • Click Easy Tech and Easy Code

OneNote Notebooks You Don't Want To Miss! 08/19/16

OneNote Notebooks with Information for 
Technology Applications Teachers and Liaisons

Technology Troubleshooting

Here are some of the highlights in this notebook:
  1. Helpdesk Workflow - Who do I send the Work Order to??
  2. Plugging Your Computer Back in After the Summer
  3. Mapping to the Public (U) Drive
  4. Troubleshooting the Promethean Board when it doesn't connect
  5. Connecting Cisco IP Phone and Changing Your Greeting

Technology Applications Teacher Notebook

Istation Question Of The Week 08/19/16

A student has to discontinue the ISIP test in the middle of the test. When the student returns to the test the next day, he/she complains that the test is starting over from the beginning.  Is this true? And if so, can this be changed?

ISIP tests are divided into different test sessions (based on the skill(s) being covered).  You will know when a "test session" is completed when Alec the Bird and Batana the Bat show the bar chart results of how the student did on that section of the test.

If the student STOPS their test in the middle of one of these test sessions, the next time the student starts the ISIP test by logging in, the student will be begin that particular test session again.  But they will not have to repeat the already-completed session.

 If a student does not click STOP to get out of the test session, the test will eventually time out. Anytime a child has not finished an assessment and they log in again, it will start them again at the beginning of the assessment.